Polly Higgins (EarthTalks)This is my personal site, where you’ll find what makes me tick.

Originally a barrister practising in London, now I use my legal skills for just one client – the Earth. I advocate for a law that creates a legal duty of care by putting people and planet first. A law that prohibits extensive damage, destruction to or loss of human and non-human life: a law of Ecocide. Ecocide crime is missing State crime, corporate crime, eco-crime, leadership crime, a crime against peace.

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I am the lead advocate for Ecocide law.

I’m rethinking law from one simple overriding principle: ‘first do no harm.’  A crime of ecocide is a practical law; the State has to prosecute on your behalf (i.e you do not have to sue), your rights are protected and the government has to stop the harm. It’s simple. Destroying the Earth is a missing crime as is State failure to assist those who are at risk of climate displacement.

In terms of impact, WMO climate data accurately demonstrates a future where Ecocide law is not implemented. Within the context of climate change, the impact in terms of millions of human and species lives saved, lands and oceans protected, as well as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is incalculable. In terms of impact on many generations to come, this is one law that will help create a world of greater peace.

Much of my time is put to best use advising, writing and speaking throughout the world. I advise at all levels and connect with a wide-range of groups, governments, organisations, NGO’s and lawyers. I advise on legal as well as non-legal aspects. You can read more about my work here and you can watch Advocate for the Earth (in English) – the recent Dutch documentary about my work – or here for the short 15 minute version (with Spanish transcript)


Holder of the 2013/14 Honorary Arne Naess Professorship, Oslo University (non-academic); Rachel Carson 50th Anniversary Memorial Lecture (both in London and in the Netherlands); Honoris Causa Business Doctorate from the Business School of Lausanne, Switzerland, winner of the Peoples Book Award (non-fiction) for Eradicating Ecocide (now out in 2nd Edition 2015); founder of the Earth Community Trust and co-founder of the Earth Law Alliance; author of Earth is our Business and most recently, I Dare You To Be Great. Named ‘One of the world’s top ten visionary thinkers’ by the Ecologist Magazine. You can read more here.


Great loves: seaweed, raw chocolate and organic whisky – sharing them with friends. Biodynamics, flipping normatives, asking big questions and creative out-of the box thinking. 17th Century Dutch art (discovered when I was an Erasmus student in Utrecht), Cleasz Heda’s still life paintings. Greatly inspired by the Austrian artist and ecologist Hundertwasser (whom I spent time with in Vienna); mooching in the British Museum in London.

Want to read more – you can read a recent article here: The duty to care for our common home.