In April 2010 Polly proposed to the United Nations that an international law of Ecocide be made the 5th Crime Against Peace.  Polly has been hailed as one of the World’s Top 10 Visionaries by the Ecologist for her work advocating a law of Ecocide, Earth Law and Earth Rights. In 2013, Polly held the Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment at Oslo University and received an Honorary Causa Doctorate from Business School Lausanne for her outstanding work as an advocate for the Earth.

Polly is the world’s leading authority on the law of Ecocide. Her work as a public speaker is diverse and includes speaking with current and future leaders, from senior political leadership to youth audiences across the world. Talks include the EARTHtalks at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna (you can watch the video here); Keynote Speaker at the 9th Annual International Student Conference in Strasbourg; one of the Lead Speakers at the Tobias Leadership Conference, Colorado; in 2012 Polly was chosen to deliver the prestigious Rachel Carson 50th Anniversary Memorial Lecture both in London and in the Netherlands; and she launched her second book on the night of her talk at the RSA in London. Polly is invited as a keynote speaker on a diverse range of platforms, from business to peace, from law to ecology and spirituality. She has spoken at a number of the UNFCCC climate negotiations.

Other platforms include TEDx (you can watch her first TEDx talk here), the International Leadership Association’s Annual Global Conference and World Peace Conferences; closed-door meeting include breakfast meetings with Ambassadors and business leaders, parliamentarian briefings and United Nations talks. In the last two years, Polly has legally advised Ministers of State and/or Ambassadors from 54 countries and spoke at the European Parliament on a number of occasions to discuss the legal, business and political implications of an international law of Ecocide.

You can watch a short video of her second book launch here. Polly has shared platforms with a diverse range of speakers, thought leaders and visionaries including former IUCN Director General, Julia Marton-Lefevre, Noam Chomsky at the Elevate Festival, Indian seed-freedom spokeswoman Dr. Vandana Shiva and Sacred Economist Charles Eisenstein.

A law of Ecocide and other related Earth laws were born of a big question: How do we create a legal duty of care for the Earth? Polly sets herself questions to address some of the biggest issues of our time – ecological destruction and legal ethics.